AVATAR - Policy Position Paper

04 May 2023 - Published by Tom Pauwels
How to foster urban freight transport using waterways? How can (highly) autonomous zero-emission vessels play a role in that?

AVATAR project partners Logistics Initiative Hamburg and POM Oost-Vlaanderen have created a Policy Position Paper. Key policy-related findings of the AVATAR project have been summarized.

In the AVATAR Policy Position Paper, 8 key issues are included that governance actors need to address in particular to advance city freight distribution via waterways and highly autonomous inland navigation.

The paper is available here: https://lnkd.in/ePQFdNaP

💡 Read more about the following 8 topics:
1. Economic viability of urban freight distribution solutions on waterways are highly dependent on municipal and regional transport policy;
2. See the big picture with regard to socio-economic and environmental benefits vs. economic viability;
3. Infrastructure needs to be in shape;
4. Autonomous (inland) shipping needs a legal framework;
5. Liability frameworks need to be revised for autnomous (inland) shipping;
6. Pilots, pilots, pilots;
7. Leading by example - Cities need to get active with their own use cases;
8. Bureaucracy and fragmented responsibilities prevent the implementation of innovative solutions.

The AVATAR Policy Position Paper will be presented at the GATEWAY HAMBURG stand during the transport logistic exhibitions in Munich by Thomas Brauner on 9th & 11 May, both days starting at 10am. Hall B3, booth 209/310. No registration needed. More info (in German): https://lnkd.in/eXne9hdb and here (in English, page 12): https://lnkd.in/evxPjHMf

Feedback is welcome to Thomas Brauner and Tom Pauwels.