WP5. Operation: testing and demonstration

Responsible partner: Delft University of Technology



Involved partners:

Delft University of Technology, E. Van Wingen NV, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Logistik-Initiative Hamburg Management GmbH, Opleidingscentrum voor Hout en Bouw vzw and University of Oldenburg

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Period: February 2022 - June 2023


The purpose of WP5 is to demonstrate the usability of urban freight vessel and to develop methods and third-party performance indicators for independent evaluation, validation and assessing the performance of urban IWT and corresponding technologies with these indicators.

By testing and assessing the technologies and vessels developed in WP3 in real life on various routes, knowledge and experience is expected to be gathered from the demonstrations as a base to understand under what conditions urban IWT can be beneficial or non-beneficial and in which circumstances. Moreover, economic viability and overall (region specific) business cases will be carefully evaluated in this testing phase.

TUD will coordinate the demonstrators and associated results together with OHB, KUL, LIHH and EVW. There will be at least 3, ideally 4 (depending on local regulation) separate demonstrators in different cities, with at least one operational highly automated vessel:

- Gent (Belgium)

- Leuven (Belgium)

- Hamburg (Germany)

- Delft (Netherlands)