Robert Gordon University

United Kingdom (Scotland)


Which are the organisation’s thematic competences and experiences relevant for ART-Forum?

The Robert Gordon University School of Creative and Cultural Business has extensive experience of producing and transferring knowledge on transport innovation in the rural context. Prof David Gray is an expert on transport in remote, rural and island areas and has acted as an expert advisor to the Scottish Government and the UK Commission for Integrated transport and has published extensively on the distributional impacts of transport policy. RGU is lead beneficiary for G-PaTRA and the University has previously been involved in CARE North, CARE North+ & eharbours

What is the main role in ART-Forum?

RGU will contribute primarily to work packages 4 and 6 where it will use its expertise in transport in remote, rural and island areas to explore the territorial effects of automated road transport (ART) and how the process of delivering ART will need to be refined and elaborated by transport decision makers working in different geographic contexts (urban, suburban, rural, long distance etc), while identifying areas where common, transnational action can speed up delivery.