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What is the benefit for the organisation from participating in ART-Forum?

Taxistop wants to raise awareness for a future with less car ownership and less car usage. A lot of awareness is generated by the market. Taxistop wants to get information from other sources. Transnational partnerships between different types of organisations if very important to create a broad view on future impacts on mobility.

What is the main role in ART-Forum? will play an important role in policy making and creating awareness on national and transnational level making use of the links with the Flemish Government as well as other national shared mobility networks in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. will also do a research/survey about the acceptance of ART among users and non-users of carsharing. Furthermore,'s role will be communication and organisation (in partnership) of national and international dissemination events/workshops on shared autonomous transport to create awareness and to set the scene towards the best and preferable scenario : autonomous and shared.