Workshop "Driverless Experience Mobility" in Scheemda (NL)

04 December 2019 - Published by Torben Quickert
On the initiative of Mobile Zeiten and Provincie of Groningen, almost 20 participants met on 30th August in Scheemda (NL) for an exchange on the topic of automated and autonomous transport.

Mobile Zeiten and the Province of Groningen did a successful transnational knowledge transfer between the German-Dutch border region. The Workshop "Driverless Mobility Experience" at the hospital in Scheemda, managed to create a positive environment of sharing good practice. 

The ART-Forum partners presented their work and objectives to the participants. Daniël Koelikamp showed, that the Province of Groningen is a pioneer in ART (e.g. the first pilot with an autonomous passengers train on a railroad track). Christoph Marquardt gave an overview of the general requirements of ART and the involved pilot projects of Mobile Zeiten. Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwerdthelm (Jade University of Applied Science, Oldenburg) dedicated his keynote to the future of public transport in rural areas.

After the lunch, the participants had the opportunity to take the autonomous pilot, which is driving from the hospital to the next public bus stop.

An exchange of views and discussions between the participants concluded the event. The focus was on expectations and challenges for the mobility of the future from the municipal point of view, especially according to the automated road transport.

This event was a good way to increase capacity and to create a dialogue among local political actors for actively participating in Automated Road Transport. So that the issue of autonomous driving and its impacts, in particular at local and regional level, found its way into public awareness. 

For more impressions, see the short video about the event: