WEBINAR February 18th, 11:00- 12:00 (CET): How to manage the connected, automated mobility of the future? – Lessons learnt from a pilot on digital regulation of large fleets of connected micromobility in Bergen, Norway –

09 February 2022 - Published by Torben Quickert
There is some consensus among those that try to analyse and predict the future automated transport system for our cities: Unless we transition away from the dominant model of private car ownership, over to a fully shared mobility-as-a-service system, our cities risk suffocation from increased traffic. The potential positive impact of automated road transport is huge – we could free up vast amounts of valuable space in our cities – but we have to do it right. These are one of the core questions we are discussing within the North Sea Region Interreg project Automated Road Transport Forum (ART-Forum).

Webinar  February 18th, 11:00- 12:00 (CET)


Around the globe there are numerous pilots and trials on automated shuttles and taxis, testing new technology and shaping public opinion on the phenomenon. These create useful insights, but tell us little about how we could manage the expected large fleets of connected, automated vehicles of the future. There is clearly a need to find out more on how the new services can be regulated to make sure they are aligned with city goals for sustainable travel. How can the active transport modes like walking and cycling as well as public transport be clearly prioritized in a future where individual, automated transport could turn into a cheap and attractive alternative?

We do not have the large fleets of connected, automated vehicles yet, but in the last few years, large fleets of connected intelligent vehicles – mainly e-scooters – has emerged in our cities. This has led to a huge innovation in software solutions and data standards to manage these vehicles in a dynamic and intelligent way, both for the operators and the regulators. Could insights from pilots on regulating shared micromobility be applied on the huge task of regulating the connected, automated vehicles of the future?

This is what this webinar on Friday 18th of February is about. Can some of the insights from the regulation pilot in the City of Bergen, Norway be useful when looking for ways to regulate the automated vehicles of the future?


  • Harald Sævareid, CEO at Nivel Regulator – Digital regulation principles and methods for connected micromobility and how these could be applied to other vehicles in the future
  • Lars Ove Kvalbein, Mobility advisor at City of Bergen – What are the lessons learnt from working with digital regulation, and could these tools be used to make sure that future vehicle fleets align with the idea of a sustainable city?
  • David Mothander, Head of Public Policy for Nordics at Bolt – The multi-modal provider perspective: How does digital regulation practices work for the operators, and what are Bolt’s visions for the integrated, connected transport system of the future?

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