An innovative pilot project where a local energy community is built in an innovative parking lot, connecting e-mobility with local and sustainable energy production, storage and management.

Mechelen wants to stimulate renewable energy by participating in the ACCESS project. A living lab for a local energy community will be set up in the parking building Keerdok, where state-of-the-art charging facilities (vehicle to grid) will be connected to local electricity production via solar panels and battery storage.

For the city of Mechelen, this study and the construction of the LEC in the Eandis parking building is part of its climate action plan and the signing of the Covenant of Mayors. The aim of this covenant is to make Mechelen climate neutral through a necessary energy transition with renewable energy projects.



After a feasibility study, Mechelen will partner up with experts to create and implement the LEC on a building level. New innovative solutions will be implemented for production, storage and management of energy. If there are good results and a positive business case is developed, the LEC might be extended to the new neighbourhood around the parking building. This would make the citizens of Mechelen aware of the possibility to produce green and local energy and encourage them to consider e-mobility a viable option.