Preparing to launch Malmö's local energy hub pilot

14 September 2020 - Published by Sophie Rabasch

The city of Malmö has set the target to run on 100% renewable energy by 2030. To reach this goal there are challenges related both to real power capacity problems, and to avoid fossil-based production and imports at power peaks.

The pilot built by Parkering Malmö will be a new parking facility, acting as a local energy hub in a new residential area. The building will have solar panels, parking spots with charging possibilities and an energy storage solution. The combination of these multiple techniques is what makes the pilot unique. In the pilot, different optimisation scenarios will be tested, where the load control system will steer the energy loads of the building to reduce the carbon footprint of not just the building itself but also potentially the wider energy system.


To date, the procurements are almost completed, and all agreements except one are signed. The procurement of the photovoltaic plant was appealed and the contract for that will be signed as soon as the juridical decision is made. Parkering Malmö has also finally received the building permit for the pilot-car park and is currently preparing for the ACCESS pilot by installing solar cells at the Anna car park and testing smart control of charging stations in the Hyllie car park.


Parkering Malmö will soon have start-up meetings with all contractors. There will also be a stakeholder workshop where some of the contractors will be invited. In December, the contractors will start the building process. Together with the electricity provider, E.ON, the project partners in Malmö will start designing the pilot use cases. This will be based on data from E.ON on the carbon footprint of the energy system at different times of the day and the year. 


Parkering Malmö is already taking experiences and ideas from the ACCESS project to another car park building located in the district Hyllie, where they are once again exploring possibilities for storing electricity in hydrogen.


Stay tuned for more updates from Malmö and the other ACCESS pilot sites in the coming months!