Digital collaboration to launch a feasibility study

20 April 2020 - Published by Sophie Rabasch

ACCESS partners VITO and Mechelen were joined in an online meeting by a consortium of consultants to discuss a feasibility study - one of the crucial first steps in the city's pilot launch.

In the project's spirit of collaboration, knowledge partners and municipalities are teaming up to tackle major challenges in developing and upscaling innovative smart grid projects. Last week, VITO teamed up with the city of Mechelen for the kick-off meeting of the feasibility study for their pilot.

The city of Mechelen will build a local energy community in an innovative parking lot, connecting e-mobility with local and sustainable energy production, storage and management. Aiming to deliver a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions, the pilot will be an important piece of the puzzle towards achieving their climate ambitions.


Find out more about the Mechelen pilot here

A consortium of consultants – including Think-e, i.LECO and Sureal – had already won the tender for the feasibility study and will support the city of Mechelen in making the right decisions for their pilot. Despite the challenges of the current COVID-19 crisis, all partners were able to meet up digitally to align thoughts and get the feasibility study started! The next steps have been agreed upon and the study is set to launch soon.