Procuring batteries: The municipality of Amersfoort's story

23 May 2022

In 2021 the municipality of Amersfoort prepared and executed two battery procurements for the pilots in within the ACCESS project. We are happy to report that we have successfully found …

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A successful V2G model in a Danish utility

31 March 2022

A parking lot in the Danish municipality of Frederiksberg has attracted visitors from all over the world. They come to check out the V2G operation which , the municipal wate…

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Two innovative districts paving the way for more energy-efficient cities

17 February 2022

It is easy to take electricity for granted in our part of the world: for more than a century now, we have rarely needed to reflect on how electricity is produced and distributed. But that is changin…

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A parking garage becomes an energy hub!

29 September 2021

What do you think about when you hear the words “sustainable city”? Chances are that a parking garage is not the first thing that comes to mind. The parking garage in the Access pilot in wi…

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Demonstrating new pricing mechanisms for unlocking local energy system flexibility

28 July 2021

The increasing complexity of our energy system including the growing energy demand and the decentralisation of the energy supply puts pressure on the distribution network whose transport capacity is …

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ACCESS partner meeting on the needs for and potential of climate action

15 June 2021

One of the sessions in April’s virtual Partner Meeting focused on a tool – developed by – that allows to determine and visualise the needs for and potential of climate acti…

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Procuring for a renewable energy future

06 May 2021

ACCESS partner  carried out a procurement exercise at the end of last year. WSC's Peter Chisnall writes about the process and the methods they used. 

Back in Autumn 202…

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ACCESS: Exploring the unknown in a known context

12 April 2021

The goal is clear: the European Union shall be climate-neutral by 2050. However, how to attain an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions is less so.

According to the official website …

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Malmö and IfM demonstrate solid links towards renewable energy firsts

31 March 2021

The City of Malmö aims to become a predecessor in Sweden and Europe regarding greenhouse gas emissions by setting a goal of being entirely powered by renewable energy by 2030. 

The city also a…

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Access participates in a seminar on Energy Communities in Copenhagen

04 November 2020

In October, ACCESS researchers from Aarhus University attended a seminar on energy communities in Copenhagen. The seminar was organized by Sun in the City, a Danish sister project to ACCESS, c…

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