Interreg podcast

"This is Europe" is a podcast show offering stories from Interreg all across Europe. Listen and learn from citizens how Interreg projects have improved their daily lives - often in surprising ways. 

The show is brought to you by Interact that supports all Interreg programmes. We find it ideal for anyone looking to learn more about Europe in a bite-sized, entertaining format. Need some food for thought while doing routine household chores, queueing up, or riding the train? Try it out for yourself!

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EPISODE 6: The Drive for Green Mobility

Having pledged to make Europe climate neutral by 2050, how exactly will the EU achieve this grand ambition? Stories from Europeans collaborating to reduce our carbon footprint. This episode features the North Sea Region project SHARE-North, which is trailblazing the idea of shared mobility hubs. 


EPISODE 5: Recyling is silver, reuse is gold

Recycling has long been seen as one of the key weapons in our fight against climate change. But what about Reuse? Stories of reinvention, imagination and upcycling from some very forward thinking Europeans.



EPISODE 4: The power of social inclusion

Faced with an ageing population and poor facilities for the disabled across much of the continent, Europe has several groups at risk of marginalisation. Stories of inclusion from the edges of the EU, and beyond.


EPISODE 3: Feeding our future generation

 As panic buying emptied supermarket shelves during the pandemic, the question of where our food comes from has rarely been closer to the forefront of our minds. Stories about local food initiatives that can start a revolution in what we put on our plate. This episode features the North Sea Region project REFRAME, along with others. 


EPISODE 2: Seeking refuge

How can we collaborate to integrate the millions of refugees who have sought sanctuary in Europe? Stories from across the EU of projects helping our new arrivals.


EPISODE 1: Culture in crisis

Following the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, how has Interreg helped artists and workers throughout the cultural sector? Stories from creatives across the continent.




This podcast was first launched in 2020. The very first episode, "A Green Europe", features two North Sea Region projects: INDU-ZERO focused on energy efficiency and cost-effective retrofitting,  and PARTRIDGE focused on raising biodiversity in farmlands.