Call for bids: Screening for Environmental Assessment

The current programme (2014-2020) is nearing its end and work is underway for the next North Sea Region Programme (2021-2027). As part of this work, the Joint Secretariat is launching a call for bids for a screening process, which forms part of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for the new programme.

The Joint Secretariat is managing the screening process on behalf of the Danish Business Authority, which is the managing authority for the North Sea Region Programme.

Submitting your bid
The call is open as of today, and the deadline for submitting bids in electronic version is no later than Friday 12 February 2021. They should be submitted to the Joint Secretariat of the North Sea Region Programme at the following email address: The title of the e-mail must clearly state: “Bid for screening process". 

Bids will be assessed, provided they meet the formal criteria. Interested bidders are advised to read the documents below in detail before drafting and submitting their bid.  

Questions and clarifications 
Questions for clarification or interpretations regarding the Terms of Reference which are submitted by any interested parties will be posted on this page together with a response from the Joint Secretariat.

Please note that all organisations - and not just companies - are welcome to submit a bid. 

Relevant documents
Terms of Reference and supporting enclosures 1-12 

A notice is also available on the Danish tendering system

Please note that enclosure 2 (Scoping Study) had the Annex to the Final Report instead of the Final Report with Addendum and Annex to Final Report with Addendum. This was discovered and subsequently updated on 13.01.2020. The enclosure 2 is now up to date. This has also been updated on