Hosting services for new programme website

The Joint Secretariat is developing a new comprehensive website for the period 2021-2027. We are now inviting bids on hosting services for the new website which is expected to launch around 1 September.

The assignment covers a 10-year period.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 1 July 23:59 CET.

Download brief

Please refer to the assignment brief for all specifications including server requirements, software specifications, and the requirements for the bid.  

Download the assignment brief

Questions and answers

Below you will find questions asked by potential bidders and our answers.  

Question 1:  It is mentioned that "Provision of two dedicated servers" is a requirement but also later that "These environments can be set on different but identical servers, but they can also reside on the same machine". This could imply that a single server would be sufficient. Can you clarify?

Answer: The main point is that 2 different hosting environments are needed in order to have a testing environment. These environments can reside on 1 or 2 servers. If they are hosted in one server only, then there needs to be software in place enabling management of two different hosting environments in a single server. 

Question 2: Are there any details that can be shared on the methodology of selection and related parameters (e.g. evaluation on financial, technical, etc merits)?

Answer: We are looking for bids that convincingly confirm compliance with the requirements set out in the brief.  As part of this, hosting experience is key. The cost of the services is also of high importance. Finally, any additional services beyond the requirements will be taken into account. Overall, the Joint Secretariat will assess the bids to find the most cost-effective bids within a qualified service concept.