You can now submit your progress report online

20 April 2017 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

It is now possible to enter your first project progress report in the Online Monitoring System (OMS). Using this system for your formal reporting is mandatory; there is no other way to submit reports for approval by the Joint Secretariat.

Be sure to meet your reporting deadlines

Please be aware that several formal requirements need to be in place before you can submit your report. We strongly recommend you set aside enough time for this process.

For example, each beneficiary needs to have a certified Authorised Signatory in place. And if you wish to claim any funds, all beneficiaries must have a designated first level control. Please use the links below to learn more about the reporting requirements.

When to submit your project reports

Regular reporting is a precondition for claiming any funds. Reporting your activities through the OMS every 6 months is mandatory whilst each project needs to enclose a finance report signed off by their First Level Controller at least once per year.

All project beneficiaries need to play an active part in the reporting process, guided and instructed by the Lead Beneficiary who will submit the progress reports through the OMS. Use the links below to learn more about the reporting requirements.

How to get started

To initiate the process for filling out and submitting the progress report online, the Lead Beneficiary first needs to contact the relevant Project Advisor at the North Sea Programme Secretariat. The Project Advisor will provide access to the reporting system available in the OMS.

In addition, you need to clarify the date of submission with your Project Advisor, who will enter the date into the system.

Download guidance

To help you further, we have collected tips for reporting through the OMS, based on our requirements and pilot testing by two projects, which helped identify the tricky parts of the process. 

> Online reporting - main lessons learned

In addition, you may find the following resources helpful:

> Fact sheet 22 on project reporting
> Fact sheet 24 on first level control
> Guidance on the Online Monitoring System
> Guidance on designating an Authorised Signatory
> Guidance on first level control
> Programme Manual – overview of project reporting
> Presentation: Introduction to financial reporting and first level control 

Upcoming training 18 May - save the date: We will soon announce a training event designed to equip you for efficient online reporting. The training will be held on 18 May.