Wondering about a 2021 North Sea Conference?

03 March 2021 - Published by Lise Espersen

The Joint Secretariat and North Sea Commission have recently met with the Flemish hosts of this year's North Sea Conference to discuss the possibilities of organising a 'physical' 2021 conference in Brugge in either November or December. The event will update stakeholders on the latest policy developments and new North Sea Region programme and North Sea Region 2030 Strategy.

We are hoping that a physical event can be arranged; however, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, we are also investigating different complementary online solutions.

It is not the first time the North Sea Conference has been hosted in Flanders. A decade ago, the 2011 North Sea conference was held in Brugge where the focus was on the Europe 2020 strategy and types of actions supported in the current programme. With a new EU programming period, this year’s conference will be equally timely and interesting!

Learn more about the new North Sea Region programme here.
Learn more about the North Sea Region 2030 Strategy here.

Image: North Sea Conference 2011 at Old St. Johns Site in Brugge.