Winners of the North Sea video contest

13 November 2020 - Published by Lise Espersen

See who won the North Sea Region video contest!

During the multimedia part of the North Sea Conference on 10 November, the two winners and runners up of the third North Sea Region video competition for ongoing projects were revealed.

North Sea Commission President, Kerstin Brunnström of the North Sea Commission was on screen to congratulate the projects. 

This year the contest had two categories: Explainer video and people in focus. The decision about the winners and runners up in each category was jointly made by 14 judges, two from each of the seven North Sea Countries appointed by our Monitoring Committee.

Explainer video category


Sullied Sediments was chosen from 16 entries as the winner in this category and Jeanette Rotchell received the award on behalf of the project.

The Sullied Sediments projects is developing and testing new tools to better assess, treat and prevent contamination from certain pollutants that can be found in the sediments in our waterways.


Congratuations also went to the two runners up in this category GEANS and DUAL Ports.

GEANS is working to develop faster and cheaper methods to assess and monitor the health of the marine ecosystem of the North Sea by developing DNA based measures of samplings taken from the sea.

DUAL Ports focuses on decarbonising Regional Entrepreneurial Ports resources through a shared eco-innovation port programme that minimises their environmental footprint.

People in focus category


2IMPREZS was chosen from 8 entries as the winner in the category 'people in focus' and Ellen Leys received the award on behalf of the project.

2IMPREZS fosters both behavioural and technical efficient energy saving measures in existing schools, reducing energy consumption and thus reducing CO2 emissions.


Congratuations also went to the three runners up in this category CATCH, In For Care and PARTIDGE.

CATCH partners work to accelerate the redesign of urban water management of midsize cities in the North Sea Region in order to become climate resilient.

In For Care works to support and improve informal care and voluntary assistance in the health care sector.

PARTRIDGE is promoting nature-friendly, sustainable arable farming, alongside profitable farming across 10 demonstration sites in the North Sea Region.


The two winners were screened before the conference participants. Both the winners and runners up are being promoted through our social media channels. 

At the Joint Secretariat, we are thrilled with the level of participation and creativity shown by ongoing projects during the third year of the contest. We thank all those projects who prepared and submitted entries. Watch this space to learn more about the next (fourth) North Sea Region video contest.

Watch all the videos submitted in the explainer video category.

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