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What will happen to my project after Brexit?

27 June 2016 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
Unsure about the consequences of Brexit? Stick to these four key facts.

The UK referendum and the outcome of the referendum have left some uncertainty in the project community and amongst programme stakeholders.

In times of uncertainty sticking to the facts is always a good strategy, not least when the uncertainty may, as in this case, last for some time.

The facts are as follows:

  • The UK is still a full member of the European Union with all the associated rights and obligations this entails.
  • All project contracts are still valid for UK beneficiaries as well as for all other beneficiaries.
  • The approved fact sheets and procedures are all still in place and will remain in place until a new decision is made – a process, which may take years to complete.
  • The next meeting in the Steering Committee where new projects will be decided on will take place as planned. Decision making at the meeting will be in line with the same criteria and rules as before.

The UK referendum will obviously eventually have an impact on our programme, but at this stage it is impossible to say precisely what the impact will be.

Following the referendum, a political process has started and all we know for now is that it is likely to take quite a long time until firm conclusions can be drawn from this process.

Until this happens, this programme will continue within the current framework and will deliver the programme along the lines agreed in the Cooperation Programme.

If and when additional information of relevance to the project community and other programme stakeholders becomes available, this information will be published on the programme website.