What does a typical North Sea Region project look like?

14 January 2019 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

Did you ever wonder what defines the average North Sea Region project? We looked into our project database and found some answers which are summarised in the infographic below:



Looking behind the numbers

Whilst the mean numbers can give you a good rough indication, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all project template, and in fact the average figures conceal significant variations. 

Geographic scope: Whilst the average number of countries covered is 5.4, it varies between 4 and 7 in individual projects. Feedback from projects shows that the transnational scope provides substantial extra leverage in terms of reaching stakeholders and the media or influencing national policies. 

Partnership size: A good, collaborative partnership is crucial in transnational projects. The average partnership involves 12 beneficiaries, but the number of partners in ongoing projects ranges from 6 to 24. The partnership size should reflect the competencies and experience base needed to execute your project. 

Project duration: Most projects initially plan for a duration of 3 years, however projects may obtain extension grants or experience slight delays. The average project duration is thus 3.7 years.

Budget: The average total budget of a North Sea Region project is €4.5 million, with an average match-funding of €180,000 provided by individual beneficiaries. The budgets of ongoing projects range from €1.7 million to €9.7 million.  

Develop your own North Sea Region project

If you are developing your own project, you should only take the above numbers as inspiration. Every individual project is unique and your starting point should always be what makes sense compared to the goals and context of your project idea.   

Right now, you can join Call 10 for expressions of interest, open until 8 April 2019. A successful expression of interest is a ticket to join Call 11 for full applications and the possibility to obtain funding for your project later this year. If you wish to explore this opportunity, tap into the resources below:

> Call 10 for expressions of interest

Infographic: Christoffer Stougaard Villsen / North Sea Region Programme