Welcome to 9 new projects

20 June 2018 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
The Programme Steering Committee has approved 9 new projects, aiming to bring the North Sea Region forward in terms of sustainable economic growth and innovation, circular economy, energy efficiency, climate change resilience, and green mobility.

On 19 June, the Steering Committe approved 9 full applications out of the 17 that were submitted in Call 5. Pending formal decision letters from the Joint Secretariat, the projects can now start preparing for their implementation.

The approved projects are listed below.

undefined   RIGHT: RIGHT skills for the RIGHT future
undefined   CUPIDO: Culture Power: Inspire to Develop Rural Areas
undefined   PROWAD LINK:  Benefits through linking sustainable growth with nature protection (approved with reduced Norwegian participation)
undefined   Carbon Farming: Carbon Farming
undefined   DecomTools: Eco-innovative concepts for the end of offshore wind energy farms lifecycle 
undefined   INDU-ZERO: Industrialisation of house renovations towards energy-neutral
undefined   IMMERSE: IMplementing MEasuRes for Sustainable Estuaries
undefined   NSW: North Sea Wrecks - An Opportunity for Blue Growth : Healthy Environment, Shipping, Energy Production and -transmission
undefined    MOVE: Mobility Opportunities Valuable to Everybody

Budget allocation

Approximately € 17.5 million were allocated for the new projects in ERDF and Norwegian funds. Since the projects are 50% co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme, the total budget for all 9 projects is approximately € 35 million. 

The allocated funds are distributed across the four programme priorities as shown in the figure below. 

At the Secretariat, we are looking forward to working with the new projects. We wish them all the best of luck!