Welcome to 8 new projects

18 June 2019 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

On 17 June, our Programme Steering Committee approved 8 new projects among 10 full applications submitted in Call 9. This call thus saw an approval rate of 80%.

The approved projects are listed below.


COM³ Building COMpetencies for COMpetitive COMpanies

undefined   NorthTick Tick-Borne Infections in the North Sea Region
undefined   WASP Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion 
undefined   NON-STOP New smart digital Operations Needed for a Sustainable Transition Of Ports 
undefined   BEESPOKE Benefitting Ecosystems through Evaluation of food Supplies for Pollination to Open up Knowledge for End users
undefined   North Sea CONNECT CONNECTing North Sea Region’s TEN-T nodes 
undefined   SUV Stimulating the Up-take of shared and electric autonomous Vehicles by local authorities
ZEM Ports NS
 Zero Emission Ports North Sea                                                                                                   

In total, approximately €17.8 million was allocated to the new projects, including €16.8 million in ERDF funding and €980,000 in Norwegian funding. 

We are excited to have these new projects on board and look forward to engaging with them!  

Extension granted to five projects  

In addition, the Steering Committee granted extensions to the following projects: SEEV4-City, BEGIN, PARTRIDGE, REFRAME, and Scale-UP. 

A total of nearly €3.4 million of ERDF funding was allocated to these extensions.  

Remaining funds

Over €20 million was thus allocated in total in Call 9. The remaining funds available for distribution in future calls are €15 million in ERDF funding and approximately €470,000 in Norwegian funding. These amounts are  distributed across the priorities as shown in the figure below.