Lights, camera, action

15 May 2020 - Published by Lise Espersen

If you haven't yet managed to submit an entry for our 2020 video or photo contest  - there is still time.

The deadline for entries for both contests has been extended until 30 September. The winners and runners-up will be announced in the autumn.

Although it is still too early to say whether the award ceremony for the contests will be part of a rescheduled 2020 North Sea Conference,  we will make sure that they are celebrated in style and have a massive online presence.

A big thank you goes out to  those projects who have submitted videos and/or photos for the contest so far - your entries have been saved in a safe place until the new deadline passes.

So don't hold back - pick up your phone or camera and get going.  If you are making a video and need some inspiration you can check out the winner and runner up of the 2019 video contest here.