Update on the Interwork event June 25

22 May 2019 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

The Joint Secretariat is assessing applications in Call 9 and 10 at the moment. The numbers and volume of the submitted applications exceed the expectations by far. 

On 17-18 June, the Programme Steering Committee will make the final decision to approve and reject these applications; however it is not unlikely that funding may be reduced for Call 12. This might imply a change of scope for new project ideas presented in Call 12, perhaps to focus more on smaller projects. Also, the opening of this call may be postponed allowing for adjustments.

If you have signed up for the North Sea Region Interwork event on 25 June to discuss ideas for submitting an expression of interest in Call 12, please bear in mind that this event will reflect any decision made by the Steering Committee.

The Secretariat will design the Interwork event to be meaningful for applicants within the conditions and budgetary framework that exist.

For clarification: Call 11 for full applications will be carried out as planned and is covered at the Interwork event as well.

Download the final agenda for the Interwork event