Understand the themes in the future programme

26 April 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
Are you wondering if your project idea will match the new North Sea Region Programme?

As the new programme is taking shape, stakeholders are keen to understand which kinds of projects will be funded. 

While we explained the agreed topics and themes in our previous article, we would like to bring more clarity on the relationship between priorities, specific objectives, and the so-called spotlight themes. The infographic below helps you to see the full context. 

Priorities and specific objectives

The new programme will focus on four thematic priorities covering a total of 8 specific objectives. All projects in the future programme need to address one of the priorities and at least one of the specific objectives it covers.     

Spotlight themes

Spotlight themes are additional dimensions considered to be of special importance in the North Sea Region and apply across all priorities. You should therefore pay attention to spotlight themes that are relevant for your project idea. However, spotlight themes may not be relevant for all projects.


Thematic framework - brochure

Please enlarge to full screen for the best reading experience!

Please note that the structure of Priority 2 will change, based on feedback received from the European Commission. The overall content of the priority is not expected to change.

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Stay tuned

The next Programme Preparation Group meeting will take place 11 May, and this may bring new decisions and clarifications. We are also planning webinars to inform and guide future partners. And, of course, the new programme willl be in focus at this year's North Sea Conference. Please watch this space for upcoming news and events! 

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