Two North Sea projects in the REGIOSTARS finals

13 September 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

We are super proud to announce that two North Sea Region projects have reached the finals of the REGIOSTARS Awards 2021.

DRYPORT is shortlisted for the "topic of the year -  green mobility” award, while BEGIN is nominated for the ”Green Europe" award.

DRYPORT: Greening ports far from the sea

Although the DRYPORT project closed 10 years ago, its impacts are still growing! The project provided proof of concept for dryports - smart inland freight hubs that connect ports with the railway system. Dryports reduce carbon emissions by shifting goods from road to rail. Other benefits include less congestion, cost and time savings, and jobs in the hinterland.

Among much else, the project initiated two dryports. They have since evolved to become logistics hotspots in Sweden and the Netherlands. Investors have put more than €50 million into the Swedish dryport alone, creating 200 jobs.  A private company is now investing €24 million to expand the dryport further.

DRYPORT also played a key role in the birth of the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) in 2011. Today, IPCSA is a leading global organisation consulted by bodies such as the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

Read the full success story of DRYPORT


BEGIN: Blue-green is the colour of climate resilience

BEGIN promotes blue-green infrastructure - such as parks and rivers - to reduce urban flood risk by 30%. So far, the measures put in place have achieved an estimated damage reduction of over €10 million by project end. As if that were not enough, they have also created greener and more liveable urban spaces in the cities.

The project has so far involved over 5,700 citizens in designing and managing new blue-green infrastructure. Based on BEGIN’s success, its social innovation approach has been adopted in regional and national policies and included in master plans and investment programmes worth over €1 billion. The project has provided health, biodiversity and social benefits at an estimated value of €347million. Another €100 million are foreseen.

BEGIN demonstrates a viable way for cities and citizens to co-create solutions that provide flood protection as well as improved quality of life for the residents.

Visit BEGIN’s website

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To sum up, both projects are leaving a solid legacy behind that makes the region a better place. Big congratulations for our two amazing contenders on their nomination, and fingers crossed!

The REGIOSTARS Awards are now open for public voting. To vote, visit the REGIOSTARS website and give a heart to support projects of your choice!

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