The North Sea Photo Contest is open

24 August 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

We are pleased to launch the North Sea Photo Contest 2021!

The contest is open to North Sea Region projects (ongoing and completed). We encourage all partnerships to take this opportunity to showcase your project.

If you do not have a winning photo already, why not use this occasion to shoot one! Investing resources into great project photos is something you will never regret. It provides you with unique and very effective communication power. 

A jury will choose up to 30 finalist images that will be exhibited at the North Sea Conference. Public voting will decide the winners, and awards will be handed out at the conference.

Contest categories

This year's categories are:

1. A better place. How does your project make the North Sea Region a better place to live?  

2. Joining up. Cooperation and community are at the heart of Interreg.  

3. The EU factor. Have you made the EU support visible, perhaps even in a striking or fun way?

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Learn more about the contest and how to submit your photos

Photo submission deadline: 27 October 2021