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The North Sea Conference is filling up

11 October 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

After nearly two years of lockdown,  North Sea stakeholders are evidently eager to meet face to face. The North Sea Conference 2021, taking place on 23-25 November in Bruges, Flanders, is garnering a lot of interest from across the region. 

Day 3 and exhibitions fully booked

The third day of this three-day conference – the Get Ready! event for applicants in the new programme - is now fully booked. If you sign up for this day, we will put you on the waiting list to attend in case of cancellations.  

We have also seen great interest from projects in hosting a small exhibition. This option is also fully booked by now. 

There is still space to register for the first two days of the conference, however more than 200 delegates have already signed up. We therefore advise you to register soon to secure your ticket. You can sign up separately for the main conference on 24 November and/or for our capitalisation event on 23 November.  

Learn more and register

More offers for applicants

We regret if you are not able to attend the Get Ready! event due to space constraints. Please note that we will soon provide some other options for applicants in the new programme to get involved:

  • We will soon announce a new series of webinars for applicants. 
  • We will offer a way for organisations to pitch their project and find partners via our website.
  • We will also share the main takeaways from the Get Ready! event.