The future programme is taking shape

08 February 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

The development of the North Sea Region Programme 2021-2027 has reached an important milestone:

The Programme Preparation Group (PPG) has decided on the main topics and themes of the future programme.   

Main priorities

Based on extensive inputs from stakeholders and experts, the PPG has adopted four priorities:

Priority 1: Robust and smart economies in the North Sea Region  
Projects in this priority will help develop resilience to protect the region from potential shocks and crises. Projects may also focus on regional innovation capacity and future-proofing economic structures and actors.

Priority 2: A green transition in the North Sea Region
Priority 2 projects will contribute to reducing the region’s environmental footprint. They will do this through development of green energy, alternative fuels, circular economy, and sustainable transport.

Priority 3: A climate resilient North Sea Region  
Projects in this priority will contribute to climate adaptation and enhancement of biodiversity.

Priority 4: Better maritime governance in the North Sea
Priority 4 projects will support marine stakeholders to engage in transnational governance. They will also help improve the integration of marine activities and solutions and boost societal support for related policy decisions. Finally, through better coordination and a balanced approach, they will improve the protection of marine ecosystems whilst enhancing business opportunities.

See the specific objectives in each priority

Spotlight themes

The programme has also identified three 'spotlight' themes:

1) Digitalisation
2) Rural development and rural-urban connections
3) Strengths and challenges in the North Sea basin.

Projects in any of the four priorities can address spotlight themes. These are additional dimensions of special importance in the North Sea Region. The programme will invite projects to consider incorporating spotlight themes where possible and will make special efforts to nurture them, for example through targeted calls or other initiatives.

The next steps

In due course, we will host a webinar presenting the new themes and approaches in more detail.  

Meanwhile, you can follow the progress in our special section about the new programme. You can also join our LinkedIn Stakeholder Exchange Group or subscribe to our newsletter.