Sustainable transport: Interreg highlights

13 May 2020 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

To mark the biannual Ten-T Days event (cancelled this year by necessity), Interact has launched a new publication that spotlights the role of Interreg in the evolution of sustainable transport. 

The brochure emphasises three ways Interreg projects do this: By linking to the TEN-T corridors, by exploring alternative fuels and transport modes, and by developing solutions for supporting multimodality. 

The brochure showcases 22 projects exemplifying these approaches, including three that are co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme:

  • SEEV4-City linking e-vehicles to locally produced, green energy through smart grids. 
  • HyTrEc2 fostering a green hydrogen economy
  • #IWTS2.0 promoting a modal shift for goods transport from the road to inland waterways.

There are many other good examples in the brochure, demonstrating that Interreg is indeed making a difference in the transformation of transport. In a recent interview,  transport expert Pim Bonne of the Flemish Ministry of Transport underlined the importance of Interreg as a test bed for realising Flemish and European transport visions. 

We are proud to see our projects featured in this publication. Thanks to Interact for continuing to support joint Interreg actions despite the lockdown! In this watershed year, in which Interreg turns 30, cooperation is needed more than ever.

View the publication