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Steering Committee training in Viborg

25 September 2015 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
Thursday, our Steering Committee visited the new Joint Secretariat offices in Viborg for training on assessing project applications and using our online monitoring system.

What are the key differences between assessing a project application from the current and previous programming period? How do you search, filter and export project applications in the new online monitoring system? And how do Steering Committee members use the new system to cast their votes on applications?

These were some of the issues addressed at yesterday's Steering Committee training at the Joint Secretariat offices in Viborg, Denmark.



Participants in our Steering Committee training 24 September

Secretariat staff guided the participants through the assessment procedure and online monitoring system functionality through presentations and hands on training. The day ended with constructive feedback from Committee members on the system.

The Steering Committee members are now prepared for their upcoming meeting 9 - 10 November, where they will decide on project applications submitted in our first call for applications.