Steering Committee reviews call 1 applications

09 October 2015 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
The Joint Secretariat has now submitted assessments of call 1 applications to the Steering Committee. Decisions will be made in November.

The Joint Secretariat has now finalised assessments of the 50 expressions of interest and 28 full applications received in the first call for applications.

All applications along with the Joint Secretariat recommendations have been forwarded to the Steering Committee members, who will spend the next four weeks reading all applications in detail.undefined

Assessment procedure for full applications

The Steering Committee meets 9 - 10 November to discuss and decide on call 1 applications. Approved expressions of interest are invited to submit a full application in one of the following calls, while approved full applications become the first projects of the 2014 - 2020 programming period.

The outcome of the Steering Committee meeting will we published on our website.


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Photo from Steering Committee training in Viborg, 24 September 2015.