Steering Committee #1 approves first projects

10 November 2015 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
12 projects are approved and aproximately 27 million Euro allocated following the first meeting of the Steering Committee in 2014 - 2020.

Members of the North Sea Region Programme Steering Committee met in London 9 - 10 November 2015 to decide on expressions of interest and full applications submitted in the first call for applications.

12 projects were approved and will start shaping the North Sea Region Programme from the beginning of the new year. A small number of full applications have been selected to re-apply in an extra procedure and will be contacted by the Joint Secretariat directly. Furthermore, 25 expressions of interest were approved and invited to submit a full application.

The grants were allocated as follows for full applications:


Read more about approved projects.

Next steps

The Joint Secretariat will get in touch with approved projects regarding formalities. Applicants who submitted an expression of interest will be notified about the outcomes directly.

Applicants involved in an approved expression of interest can learn more about developing a full application on day 1 of our Interwork event in Amsterdam 9 - 10 December.

The second call for applications opens 15 January 2016, and the Steering Committee meets again in September 2016 to decide on new applications. More information about the second call will be published within the coming weeks.