Second call in facts and figures

15 March 2016 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
By the close of the second call for applications 14 March, we received a total of 71 applications.

The final count following the closure of call 2 reveals a continued interest in becoming part of the North Sea Region Programme in 2014 – 2020: We received 46 expressions of interest and 25 full applications.

In comparison, we received 50 expressions of interest and 28 full applications in the first call for applications last year.

Breakdown of applications received
22 out of the 46 expressions of interest received were submitted under priority 1, Thinking growth. Priority 3, Sustainable North Sea Region, received the most full applications, with 9 out of 25 full applications belonging to this priority.

Submissions are divided by priority as follows:





The submissions per country are illustrated below.

Expressions of interest:


Full applications:


Next steps
Project advisors will now go through all submissions and make their recommendations to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets in September to decide which full applications and expressions of interest will be approved.

The indicative timeline for the remainder of 2016 is illustrated below.



Photo from Steering Committee training in Viborg, September 2015.