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Reporting for call 1 projects

08 July 2016 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
Read this if your project was approved in our first call for applications and you are planning to submit a periodic report in November.

Although projects approved in our first call for applications are still at an early stage, it is time to plan reporting. Because once your contract has been signed, the count-down for your first periodic report begins. 

Submit your first report within 12 months

As discussed at project kick-off meetings earlier this year, you can submit your first report in November 2016. You may however also choose a different date, as long as it is within the first 12 months after your contract was signed.

Please get in touch with your project advisor to agree on your first submission deadline.

Choose your reporting dates carefully

The date of your first submission determines your 6 months reporting scheme. After the submission of your first report, you will have to submit a report every 6 months. 

Your reporting dates will be set automatically by the online monitoring system based on the date your first report was submitted. Please choose your first submission deadline carefully as your six months reporting scheme cannot be changed.

Be aware though, that your final report might have a different submission date, because it is linked to the end-date of your project.

What and how to submit
Your first report will be a basic progress report. You may choose to also submit a statement of expenditure.

The forms for the report and the statement of expenditure will be available in the online monitoring system once everything has been cleared and your project is ready for reporting.

Beneficiaries will be invited to access the online monitoring system by their lead beneficiary. The lead beneficiary can invite beneficiaries to the system when the project contract is signed.

Make sure your first level control arrangements are in place
Please note that all beneficiaries must have a designated first level control before any funds can be claimed from the programme.

Earlier this year, we published the available documents and procedures for tendering first level controllers.

We are currently preparing first level control seminars with detailed information on requirements and guidance for the second half of 2016. Dates will be announced on our website and beneficiaries will receive invitations for their particular countries.

Background information
Background information on project reporting is availabe in our programme manual and project life cycle.


Photo: Steering Committee training in Viborg, September 2015.