Projects prepared for reporting

22 May 2017 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
Over 50 people joined last week's seminar on project reporting. Our training resources are now available online - use them to guide you or refresh your learning.

On 18 May, the Joint Secretariat conducted a well-attended training seminar dedicated to project reporting through our Online Monitoring System. During this intensive one-day seminar, participants learned about roles and responsibilities, procedures, and quality criteria for activity and finance reporting.

Regular reporting on project progress is mandatory and a precondition for the transfer of funds. The Secretariat supports this process by offering guidance and training tailored to explain the reporting process and address any challenges that projects might face.

Find our guidance

Our training materials are accessible online along with links to further resources. We strongly advise you to consult these prior to your reporting, to get a good handle on the process from the beginning and prevent future hassle. 

Check out our resources on project reporting