Project roundtables to be continued

11 March 2021 - Published by Femke Boersma

In February, the Joint Secretariat hosted four roundtables on the impact of Covid-19 on projects. The roundtables were set up for the project community to share ideas and help each other. The North Sea Region projects work with a wide range of topics but had common challenges on pilots, involving stakeholders and keeping the project team together during a pandemic.

The evaluation of the roundtables showed a wider interest from the project community to network and learn from each other. The Joint Secretariat will therefore host roundtables on a regular basis, starting in April. The roundtables are organised for the lead beneficiaries, grouped by the 4 priorities of the programme. The goal of the first session per priority is to get to know each-other and to identify topics that are of interest for next sessions.

All North Sea Region projects will receive an invitation to join. The National Contact Points will also be involved. The Joint Secretariat hopes it will create a great network and become a platform for best practices.

If you would like to read about the outcome of the Covid-19 roundtables, you can find the article 'How projects cope during Covid-19' on the North Sea Region blog.


Image Pixabay / Gordon Johnson