Personalising a project webspace

06 July 2016 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
As our first projects of the 2014 - 2020 programme are starting up, project webspaces are getting a personal touch.

All approved projects in our programme receive a project webspace - a project website, which is integrated with the programme website and online monitoring system.

Project webspaces draw on submitted project data and give projects added visibility by transferring project news to the programme website.

All project webspaces are based on the same standard template. So how can projects stand out and show the public who they are?

Personalised webspaces
Videos, visuals, personalised menus and content. Project webspaces are highly adaptable and there are many ways to add a personal touch.

We are happy to see that the first projects are already building their own unique webspaces and adding news stories to their webspaces and the programme website.

Pay SCALE-UP, NorthSEE, WaterCoG and SEEV4-City a visit and see how they have added their own touch to their sites. 

Learn more about project webspaces
Further inspiration for project webspaces can be found in our test webspace and our North Sea Conference website, both of which have been set up with the same tools as project webspaces.

Any questions regarding project webspaces can be directed to Communications Advisor Rikke Sørensen at

Guidance is also available in our project webspace user guidance.


Photo from the North Sea Conference 2015 in Assen, the Netherlands.