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Norwegian funding not available in calls 2 and 3

21 September 2022 - Published by Sofie Forfang

Today, at the close of the Monitoring Committee meeting on Call 1 full application decisions, the Norwegian delegation announced that Norwegian organisations will not be able to apply for funding as project partners in Calls 2 or 3.

This is due to exhausted Norwegian funds after the approval of three small-scale and 14 regular projects in the first call for proposals of the 2021-27 funding period. However, Norwegian organisations are welcome to participate in project activities with their own money.

This announcement applies to Norwegian organisations in the partnerships of approved expressions of interest in Call 1, small-scale project applications, and 'direct' full applications (those that have skipped or will skip the expression of interest stage in Call 2).

Opportunities to join North Sea Programme projects from Call 4 will be announced at a later date, pending further decisions on Norwegian funding by the national Norwegian authorities at the end of this year or early 2023. Approved Call 1 expressions of interest will be informed of this announcement directly through the Online Monitoring System.