North Sea Photo Contest 2021: Here are the winners

08 December 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

We are thrilled to announce the three winners of this year’s North Sea Photo Contest!

The jury – our National Contact Points – have reviewed all entries and chosen a winner in each category. This year's contest had three categories: A Better Place, Joining Up and The EU Factor.

As demonstrated by the winners below, photos are an incredibly useful resource for communicating our projects' work and achievements. 

The three winning photos will be displayed during the video and photo awards as part of the North Sea Conference on 23-25 May 2022 in Bruges.  

Big congratulations to the winners! 

Category 1 – A Better Place: CUPIDO

 Street decorated with umbrellas and green plants.

 Photo: Wendy Westerloken

CUPIDO develops the cultural and cultural heritage sectors in rural areas. The winning picture shows how the SMEs in Middelburg, Zeeland (the Netherlands) used creativity to combat heat stress. The colourful umbrellas created publicity and attracted new visitors.

The judges said:

”Not only does this capture the ethos of the theme (the street looks like it would be lovely to walk down or sit out in), but I love the composition. The shop fronts provide a perfect frame for the tower at the end of the street.”

"The image is very much place-oriented, with a visible positive change as result of project activities."  

Learn more about CUPIDO

Category 2 – Joining Up: COM³  


Together despite distance: During the Covid-19 pandemic, COM³ helped local SMEs stay connected with their customers. With the support of COM³, companies showcased and promoted their products and services professionally using an online communication platform.

The judges said: 

”The COM³ picture describes the spirit of the project itself beautifully, helping small businesses and people to survive the weathering storm that is the pandemic.”

"Connecting with external parties was a challenge in these times. This picture showcases in a nice way one of the possible alternatives that projects have sought during this period."

Learn more about COM³

Category 3 – The EU Factor: 2IMPREZS

Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans speaks to the 2IMPREZS pupils via a monitor screen including an EU flag.

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, addressed the 2IMPREZS pupils during the Transnational 2IMPREZS Online Event this May. Approximately 700 pupils and 50+ teachers/stakeholders across the North Sea Region attended the digital, interactive programme centred on energy saving and sustainability in and by 2IMPREZS schools.

The judges said:  

"What says EU factor more than Mr Timmermans? Reaching out to over 700 people for their online event really showcases the interest, importance and strength of the project."

"I think the EU flag in the background conveys the message well. I also love the pc in the open air - makes me think of summer!"

Learn more about 2IMPREZS

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A big thank you to the participating projects: 2IMPREZS, COM3, CUPIDO, IMMERSE, North Sea Wrecks, and PAV!

At the Joint Secretariat, we are very happy for the contributions and thank those projects who prepared and submitted entries. Also a big thank you to our National Contact Points for reviewing all the entries and selecting the winners.