New simplified approach to Authorised Signatories

21 December 2016 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
Everyone submitting a full application must assign an authorised signatory. This process has now been simplified.

Only an authorised signatory legally assigned to sign on behalf of their organisation can submit a full application in the online monitoring system.

Assigning an authorised signatory has caused some difficulties for applicants. To simplify, we have now updated the procedure so that only one document must be printed out, signed and sent by post to the secretariat.

If you are submitting a full application in the open call for applications, you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the updated procedure if you haven't assigned an authorised signatory already.

Learn more in the programme manual and let us know if you have any questions.

Photo: North Sea Conference 2015 in Assen, the Netherlands.