New report: What did we learn so far?

14 April 2020 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
New report details the state of play of the current North Sea Region Programme, with a view to shaping the next one.

To inform the development of the next North Sea Region Programme, the Joint Secretariat has prepared a report outlining the current state of play, including achievements made, experience gained and lessons learned from the current programme. 

The purpose is to use these learning points when developing the sixth edition of the North Sea Region Programme (2021-2027).  

Report highlights

The report outlines what went well and also identifies room for improvement across all aspects of Programme performance. Among many points and conclusions, the analysis finds that cross-priority thematic approaches may be an interesting avenue to explore in the future.

The report also shows that Programme-funded projects  strengthen European policy implementation, while feasibility demonstrations and new knowledge produced by the projects are inspiring policy uptake.

Another key finding is the high importance of smaller, regional cities in the Programme, confirming its role in supporting regional cohesion.

Explore the report to see all the other findings including in-depth analysis of achievements and performance for each of the Programme's four priorities.

Download the State of Play report

Download the abbreviated version (60 pages)

Note: If you would like to receive the full version (139 pages), please contact the Joint Secretariat at