New programme approved

15 August 2022 - Published by Lise Espersen

It is all systems go as the European Commission has officially approved the Interreg North Sea Programme VIB (2021-2027)!

A brand new programme
The new programme aims to underpin core EU policies such as the EU Green Deal and propel the region towards a greener, smarter, and more liveable place. It encompasses four specific priorities and three spotlight themes. You can read more about the new programme content here.

Head of Secretariat, Christian Byrith reacted;

'Our journey towards a new Interreg North Sea Programme is now complete and the Commission has approved the new programme. It has been a long ride and a lot of people have helped us getting this far. Personally I would like to thank my colleagues in the Member States/Norway as well as my colleagues in the secretariat for their commitment and all their hard work in getting us here. The main focus of the new programme will be on supporting initiatives to further the EU Green Deal, and recent events more than anything illustrates the relevance and importance of this.'

Let's get going
The first call of the new programme opened in December 2021 for small-scale projects and regular projects. The Monitoring Committee met for the first time at the end of June this year to make decisions about some of these applications. You can read more about the small-scale projects and expressions of interest approved at the meeting here. (Full applications for regular projects will be discussed at a second meeting in September.)

Where are we now?
We have now launched the second call of the 2021-27 programme. You can find tailored guidance specifically for the call here. Not quite ready for Call 2? Don't worry - future calls have also been mapped out in this useful overview.

A lasting legacy
During the 2014-2020 programme, the Steering Committee approved 73 projects covering four priorities: growth, eco-innovation, sustainability, and green transport and mobility. The 73 projects achieved incredible results in such diverse topic areas as exoskeletons in the workplace, the use of blockchain technology in government, carbon farming, sustainable housing, partridge habitat preservation, peatland restoration, clean energy transport on land and water, the energy transition, and much more. You can find out more on our projects' impacts here

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