New European mobility strategy and Year of Rail

12 February 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

This year, mobility is in the spotlight across the European Union.

On 9 December 2020, the European Commission unveiled its new mobility strategy under the EU Green Deal.

The strategy emphasises the need for green, smart and affordable mobility. A core aim is a 90% cut in emissions by 2050, delivered by a smart, competitive, safe, accessible and affordable transport system. As part of the strategy, the Commission has set out targets related to connected and automated multimodal mobility. 

See the mobility strategy

Tap into the European Year of Rail

Hop on the #EUYearofRail!

The European topic of the year 2021 is rail, one of the safest and most sustainable transport modes available. 

If your project is linked to railway transport, for example as part of fostering multimodal mobility and accessibility, you can take part in the buzz. Why not present your work in the context of the topic of the year?

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We encourage transport and mobility focused projects to explore these new developments and use them in your communication. We also encouarge you to explore upcoming mobility events in our 2021 calendar of events and celebration days.