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Mojib Latif wins German Umweltspreis

22 September 2015 - Published by Rikke Sørensen
Congratulations to Professor Mojib Latif, friend of the North Sea Region Programme and this year's recipient of the German "Umweltpreis".

Today it was announced that renown climate researcher and friend of the North Sea Region Programme, Mojib Latif, receives this year's German environmental award, Deutschen Umweltpreis.

Mr Latif is Professor at the Leibniz Institute for Oceanography in Kiel, Germany and spoke at the North Sea Conference in Egmond an Zee in 2009.


Mr Latif at the North Sea Conference in Egmond an Zee in 2009.

The North Sea Region Programme would like to extend a warm congratulations to Mr Latif on winning this significant award.


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