In Bruges on 24 May but not attending the main conference? Here's what you can do instead

21 May 2022 - Published by Sofie Forfang

Will you be in Bruges on 24 May but not attending the North Sea Conference that day?

Here is a nice option for what you can do instead: Meet representatives and project developers from Brittany. The French region is organising a parallel event in Bruges, with stakeholders pitching seven exciting project ideas ranging from hydrogen ships to island innovation. The event is held a convenient 3 minutes' walk from the North Sea Conference venue.

The region is hosting this event for the benefit of stakeholders who are in Bruges for the North Sea events on 23 or 25 May but were unable to join the fully-booked main conference on 24 May.

At the Joint Secretariat, we are super happy to learn about this event, offering North Sea enthusiasts another chance to engage and underlining Brittany's strong commitment to the programme.

So if you are in Bruges on 24 May with leisure time to spend, why not take this opportunity to meet French project developers and learn about Brittany?

Check out the programme and register