Interwork event: Remember partnerships and communication

24 January 2018 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
At the Interwork event in Bremen, delegates joined knowledge competitions, learned about all the ins and outs of project application, and created stories based on their project ideas.

"What are appropriate ways to measure results when it comes to social aspects?" 

"Do all the beneficiaries need to have their authorised signatory in place before submitting the application?"

"Where do communications achievements fit into the intervention logic?"

There was no lack of clever questions when the Interwork event in Bremen 16-17 January brought together approximately 70 North Sea Region project developers. Despite a fully packed programme and intensive learning, participants were keen to discuss and have all their questions answered. The event covered expressions of interest as well as full applications, presenting all the main aspects that applicants need to be aware of.


Remember partnerships and communication 

Head of Secretariat Christian Byrith stressed the importance of functional partnerships and in particular the partners' ability to engage strongly with each other. "You must be sure that you really want to work together. Ending up in the wrong partnership can make the delivery of your project very difficult," he said, advising project developers to be careful in selecting their partners. 

On the event's second day, guest speaker Katarina Erdmenger of the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure highlighted the importance of communication and storytelling as a means to boost the impact of projects and to tell the larger story about European cooperation.

These messages were reiterated by the Secreatariat's Project Advisors throughout the event. The inner workings of the partnership and the project's ability to disseminate their project results are not considered as mere "icing on the cake". These aspects are taken very seriously when project applications are reviewed, the experts said, because they are strongly linked to successful project implementation.


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