Interreg highlighted in PANORAMA magazine

05 July 2019 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

The July issue of the PANORAMA magazine includes an 8-pages spread featuring Interreg transnational cooperation across Eruope, highlighting the benefits of working together to tackle joint regional challenges. PANORAMA is published by the EU Commission's Department of Urban and Regional Policy (DG REGIO). 

North Sea Region projects featured

Two North Sea Region projects are featured in the publication:

PARTRIDGE is highlighted for its contributions to raising farmland biodiversity, reversing the alarming decline seen in birds and insect populations. Their preliminary results are very promising. 

SHARE-North showcases shared mobility, leading to a host of benefits including reduced congestion, better accessibility, improved air quality, and reduced emissions. 

Both projects are highly successful in generating stakeholder interest and uptake of their solutions across and beyond the region.  

Take a look 

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Note: You will find the Interreg content on pages 8-16. PARTRIDGE is featured on page 12-13, whilst SHARE-North is presented on page 15.