Inno-Quarter and SalFar in the running

14 August 2020 - Published by Lise Espersen

We are really proud that two North Sea Region projects - Inno-Quarter and SalFar - are among the six selected projects for the Interreg Project Slam. 

The focus of the Project Slam is storytelling and both projects have done an excellent job in presenting videos explaining what they are all about in a simple and fun way. 

Both projects have created appealing videos with a human touch. They both feature people benefiting from their projects and have a clear narrative. SalFar has used some stunning images in their video and Inno-Quarter has combined a series of exciting animation features.

You can watch all six videos in the Project Slam on Interact's Facebook page and 'Like' the project (s) you want to vote for.

Watch the video here.