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How to communicate the special value of transnational cooperation

31 October 2017 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
The North Sea Region Programme is working together with other Interreg transnational programmes on communicating the unique benefits that they bring to the European Union.

What is unique about transnational cooperation? What is the special value of working together on place-based solutions in specific geographic territories such as the North Sea Region?

Together with other transnational Interreg programmes, we have set out to explore the answers and develop common messages around them. The first steps were taken at a meeting held in Vienna, bringing the heads of Interreg B programmes together.


One of the participants was Christian Byrith, head of the North Sea Region Programme. "I find the exercise very valuable, as it brings clarity on the special assets and benefits that our kind of programme brings to the EU," he says.

"We are finding a lot common ground despite many differences - including the fact that working in regional zones makes a lot of sense because they often share the same challenges and forming strong cooperaton networks is relatively easy due to the proximity factor."

The process of developing joint messages is facilitated by Interact, the EU body that supports the 100+ Interreg programmes. 

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