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01 November 2021 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang

Due to an amazing level of interest in the North Sea Conference 2021, we have made special arrangements to host more participants. We are happy to share that we have been able to secure extra space for some parts of the conference.

The conference takes place in Bruges and will run for three days on 23-25 November. The status is as follows:

23 November (Scoop the impact & Welcome Dinner): Capacity remains limited for both the Scoop the Impact event and Welcome Dinner. Unfortunately, not everyone on the waiting list are able to attend. For the North Sea Commission members-only study tours and meetings, there are no restrictions.

24 November (All Aboard): All who have registered or expressed their interest can attend. Some delegates will, however, need to watch the plenary sessions via livestreaming in a separate room. While we appreciate that this is not the ideal situation, it allows more people to join.

25 November (Get Ready): All who have registered or expressed their interest can attend. The organisers have secured a larger venue allowing more than 300 people to participate face to face throughout the day.

Check your emails

On Friday 29 October, we sent final information to all who have registered or expressed their interest in the conference. You may have received several emails, as we sent out a separate message for each event.

We advise you to double-check these messages before booking your travel and accommodation in Bruges.

Keep an eye out for last-minute changes

As the Covid-19 situation evolves, please stay updated on the rules that apply in your own country and at your workplace.    

Please note: Each day of the conference, you will need to bring the confirmation email received from us as well as your ID and a valid EU Covid pass. We can only guarantee your participation if you bring this documentation. 

Check the Covid-safe event requirements

We will update the conference website with any changes in the Flemish requirements, and we will also inform  registered participants about such changes via direct email.

Need to clarify or cancel your participation?

Are you are missing confirmation or need clarification? Do you need to cancel your participation in (parts of) the conference?

Please contact us at info@northsearegion.eu.

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