Get ready for blockchain with BLING!

17 May 2022 - Published by Sofie Forfang

Want to reduce your paperwork? Blockchain technology can help you to do that.

At the GET READY event on 25 May, our very own BLING project invites our ever curious North Sea crowd to join a live test of their brand new, blockchain-driven app.

The Self-Sovereign Attendancy (SSA) app solves privacy issues of attendance sheets. Such paperwork is often required for documenting participation in meetings and events, but they come at the risk of violating privacy regulations.

The app uses a "secret" - for the Get Ready event it is a QR code - that is only available at the particular event on the particular day. The app does not collect personal information and attendance is registered anonymously. However, participants can use the app to pass on verified proof of their attendance to e.g. their manager or teacher.

Sounds intriguing? Try it for yourself and learn more about blockchain!



Join the test

BLING wants to test their app in a live setting, and you have the chance to take part of this crucial test.

To experience blockchain in practice and help the BLING project, all you have to do is to download the Self-Sovereign Attendancy app on your mobile phone prior to or during the GET READY event. At the event itself, you will be able to scan the "secret" QR code and have your attendance verified on the blockchain.

The app is part of BLING’s work to showcase ways the public sector can apply blockchain technology for the benefit of the citizens.

Learn more

Learn more about the SSA app at the conference website

Or why not visit the BLING conference booth to learn about the current state of affairs for blockchain in public service delivery?